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I'm dreaming I thought, but this seems so real. I'm in a huge pile of debris and this beautiful girl is holding on to a steel girder. I approach her to ask where I am."Good God!" I screech. As her hair is blown to the side I see that she's hanging by the neck, wait she saying something. "Polaris, Polaris".
"POLARIS!" My heart races as I blindly run into a wall. "Ohh, where is she, where!" I wail " Polaris its me Rift, your o.k. it was only a dream". " Oh, Rift it was horrid, she was calling me to her." I moan. "Who Polaris? Its Andrea!" I blackout
When I come to Rift is dragging me up a hill. "Oh good, your awake" Rift sighs. " I want to make sure you see what happens to those who are caught." I turn my head to see armed men in blood red suits running from the lab, just in time to avoid the explosion.
Rift sighs and says "Time to get to camp, no way the Doc could survive that."

7 miles and 2 soldiers later I arrive in a huge cave and as we descend the voices get louder and louder around us until: "NAME AND RANK!" a harsh voice booms as we escape into a lush village that looked prosperous. " Rift Falair, Sergeant of weapons" Rift says with equal power. "And the one with you?" " Special project Gamma, needs immediate authorization" Rift barks. Suddenly this clean cut man with a tag comes towards us and says "Come with me" We walk briskly to a large fortified structure where I'm given my tag and card to allow me entry to the leaders room. Rift waits and tells me to go ahead. I walk int to see this rather small man with green eyes squeals with joy as I enter and says " There he is, Polaris the time has come to choose your path in this camp, 5 options toxicologist, weapons, constructive, field work and front line, so what do you choose?" I think about it , toxicologist sounds like poison, every thing else sounds pretty straightforward. " Is this permanent?" I ask . " No, this could very well change, we need to know your base study" he asks. " We'll, how about toxicologist." I decide."Good choice, your orientation is tomorrow until then you need to sleep in a rented room, don't worry you'll get a guide" He says. We'll it looks like my new life begins tomorrow, I better gets some sleep

Against all possible odds Dr.Flareson was still alive and he was out for cold hard revenge. The time had come for bionic transfer.

                                    End of Part 3


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